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DALL·E 2023-01-21 14.33.32 - two people discussing on designs with portable holograms at a

Envisioning a transformative experience? I love collaborating to bring innovative ideas to life and work closely with curators, creators, and communities.

Get in touch to discuss logistics, goals, and how we can turn a shared artistic vision into reality.

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Particularly interested in collaborating with those who are committed to driving positive change through technology.


Think we can create the unheard of together?

Let me know that you exist.

Whether you have a project in mind or just want to say hello, feel free to drop me a line via email.


I'm always excited to discuss new possibilities and see where they can take us.

DALL·E 2023-04-11 23.12.25 - nine generation of woman holds hands in a circular form in a
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