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It's me Ayça

Hi there,

As I work on diverse projects, I aim to collaborate, share tools, and create AI workflows to have outstanding results.

My goal is to empower individuals by promoting a culture of knowledge sharing and prioritizing a supportive community.

At the heart of my work is a commitment to creating innovative AI workflows that bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

icons: techperson, map, mirrors
icons: techperson, map, mirrors
icons: techperson, map, mirrors


November 2023, TheWrongBiennale. NoCameraCinema, virtual

October 2023,
Instagram @design #ExtendedRealities, virtual

July 2023, OpenAI DALL·E Artist Showcase {c1c2c3}, virtual

April 2023, Digital Touch to Analog, İzmir, Türkiye


Music & Brands with RA*W talent: AMP Amsterdam (eng) & adformatie (nl)

November 2023, Collaborating with AI for professors, Yeditepe University

October 2023, AWE EU, Vienna, Austria, speaker/track chair

May 2023, Integrating AI to Create Innovative Projects, Boğaziçi University, lecture guest

My Story

"Embracing curiosity and building value"

From a young age, I was captivated by how technology could enable us to accomplish the unimaginable. This fascination led me to pursue a degree in electrical and electronics engineering, where I honed my skills in programming and electronics. Along the way, I became a founding member of various clubs and organizations, which helped me develop my leadership and teamwork abilities.

After graduating in 2021, I eagerly explored the potential of emerging technologies. I took several design courses to learn how to create intuitive and engaging experiences, and I began hands on experiments like developing Augmented Reality projects, AI generated experimental films.

  • DALL E experimental model: As an alpha tester, I was in a group of about 100 individuals globally to try out this AI model.

  • HUG x INNOVATION LABORATORY: It sparked a realization: my art isn’t just about creation; it’s about sharing my story and empowering others.

  • TikTok Effect House Accelerator Program: 6-week journey, packed with AR workshops, TikTok content creation strategies, and it was organized for the first time.

  • Meta Spark Studio: Participant in Creator Camp Summer 22' which is the first one.

  • Lenslist: Four of my projects were featured in their weekly selections (#110,#112,#124,#140), showcasing the innovative use of this platform.

  • Wonder Dynamics: I was part of the closed beta for this exciting project, one of my experiments.

  • DALL E 2, Adobe Firefly, Luma AI, Runway Gen-1 and Gen-2: I've enjoyed the chance to experiment with these platforms in their early stages.

I think that collaboration, both locally and globally, is essential to unlocking technology's full potential for positive change. I'm driven to constantly learn, document my progress, and share my knowledge through open-source projects.

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