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Digital Corners: a closer look

In-depth look into my story, as we uncover the experiences and interactions that have shaped my creative journey.


In this section, you'll find personal accounts, projects, and achievements that further illustrate my passion, dedication, and growth in the creative technology field.

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"Ayca Turan started as an enthusiastic translator and workshop assistant at the Bursa Science Expos and AstroFest. She developed her own workshop, act as a teacher and manage a small student team to meet our high educational standards.

She proved to be flexible. While teaching a workshop for students aged 10-14, she was able to discuss workshop principles with parents and teachers.

Ayca knows how to balance being creative/innovative with meeting deadlines to deliver a good performance."

Team member

"Ayça is an exceptional leader adept at uniting people and fostering strong bonds. As the cohesive force within our diverse sports team, she inspired us to establish a lasting culture.

Despite various leaders with different titles and backgrounds, Ayça held our team together seamlessly. Her presence, akin to the mayonnaise in a tuna sandwich, synergized our strengths and elevated our teamwork.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ayça for any team or organization seeking a dynamic leader who promotes teamwork, culture, and outstanding results."

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Participating in the first 👩🏻‍💻🤳🏼🏕 for 6 weeks was awesome! Meeting creators all over the world, asking questions to AR experts during office hours

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I would recommend 100%!

Anfisa has an amazing mind, 

explains complicated things with the perfect examples, great personality full of positivity.

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